July 10, 2011

What a crazy week

My friends,

This has been possibly the nuttiest week of my life.  But it all ended on a high note, or I should say several, like a good song, so can't complain.

Some bizarre dreams I've had this week
  1. Trying to play a Mozart piano concerto for Tom Colicchio.
  2. Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner arguing over something in a motel hot tub.
  3. Bruce Willis doesn't like my cross-char fillet.

The Worcester Art Museum had it's annual company cookout at Jim's house, and it is always a fun time.  He spends the week before making hand-churned ice cream!

I had cardamom, naturally (one of my favorite flavors)

my sample painting for my black & white class at WAM 

Had a great time teaching an adult class at WAM this month.  I made them paint huge on the walls, to get away from the crushing detail of pen & ink on tiny pieces of paper.  They thought it was very liberating - so, yay, goal accomplished.

our little step-garden survived the thunderstorm

at Culpepper's Bakery for Sunday breakfast 


I feel like I'm back in New York when I have a Dr. Brown's


  1. That warp picture is pretty cool!

  2. The step garden is so adorable! :D

    Dr. Brown?! Is it like Dr. Pepper?

  3. mmm gourmet churned ice cream looks good!! :D and your step garden is lovely!

  4. Hehe, those are some kooky dreams! I hardly remember mine anymore D:

    Have you had a lot of cardamom-flavored ice cream, or do you just like that flavor in general? It's not a spice I'm super familiar with, but I've been using it in my strawberry + yogurt + honey smoothies and it really adds something special!

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  6. Thanks guys!

    Yes, I love cardamom, it's so unique

    Had it first as a bagel from a Swedish bakery! So good!

  7. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of knowing that flavor xO