July 4, 2011

What Every American Needs

Hey guys,

I was re-watching the History Channel's documentary about the history of comic books, and I thought "Man, this should be required viewing in every high school."

The comic book, as an artistic medium, should be at least part of basic curriculum.  I'm not saying you have to be a fan of comic books, or even read them at all - but to see how they are a part of American culture intrinsically, like rock n' roll or baseball.

So, in honor of July 4th, here's a list of things every good American needs:

  • comics
  • Converse shoes
  • some Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop
  • a good cheeseburger (I recommend Gourmet Market in Cambridge)
  • dance to jukebox music
  • a fried Oreo at a county fair
  • rock a really sweet pair of blue jeans

makin' blueberry pie for 4th of July

Have you noticed how fireworks make Muppet faces?

photo credit: Diana "english muffin" via flickr


  1. That illustration is as delicious as that blueberry pie. Cook for me mommy! Youre illustrations are the jam, oh btw i love that you were pc aaaaalll this time and now you have a mac...every artist breaksdown eventually im the only pc in my school ( cant afford it yet! )I really dont see the point of the mac/pc war...:|

  2. YUM! that blueberry pie looks delish

  3. Yummy Food ! Beautiful all pics and awesome Posting ..

  4. Bianca - you're so right about this whole PC/Mac stuff.

    Mac ads used to act like they were just some little guy but they are a huuuuuge company! They perform great, I do really love this machine, but for a long time felt like I wasn't "fashionable" enough to own one - haha