July 6, 2011

What to Wear S/S '11

some sketches of my wearables from May - June

a wonderful birthday present from my mother-in-law ,
Chanel lipstick in "Boy" and peonies from the garden

cupcakes from my favorite place, Zaftig's 

lunch at Trident's on Newbury St. with Joyce!


  1. Cute wears, and foods look delicious! Did you use toycamera?

  2. Hi Mayako! I tried a thing called "Pentacom.jp" but the free version puts that "toy camera" at the bottom!

  3. I am seriously in love with this POST! I love your illustrations!!! YOU WERE CUTE THINGS!!! Where is that maxi skirt from. You’re personal style is like perfect Jille style! I WANT TO ACHIEVE!!! What kind of tablet do you use?

    BY THE WAY, I finally saw wet hot and NOW my life IS complete…I seriously don’t know how I could be born in the 80s and missed that flick!

    I’m also tempted to come to comic con in Boston ;)

    //sorry long rants whilst at work//

  4. I'm so glad Bianca! I heart Jille :) The skirt is just a $10 ebay find actually!

    It's definitely a unique kind of humor, WHAS, like American Monty Python

    I hope you can come to ComiCon, however they have announced the dates to be "TBD" which is a little nerve-wracking :(

  5. Your illustrations are so cute! I really like your wears. :)

  6. cool skethes! i love your design!

  7. The sketches are super cute!!

  8. LOVE YOUR OUTFITS! They scream chic! By the way I'm going to try out that toy camera analog color thing! Hahaha it looks pretty nifty :'D

    Aaaannddd my new blogger addy is this! touristcamera.blogspot.com :'D