August 22, 2011

Japanese Toy Cameras カメラ

Lately I've been having lots of fun with my Harikin Superheadz 35mm camera!  I'd show you photos, but they need to be developed.

And although I have quite enough cameras, I still love looking at these fantastic little doohickeys :

 ( I really want the Green Trees one!)

I really like Brooklyn 5+10 and Four Corner Store

Did I mention my husband got me bags and bags of 35 mm film for Christmas?  Still only have finished 6 - excuse me - 7 rolls - need to carry this thing around with me more!

>> So, photographers - where do you guys send lots of film to be developed? Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Some old Harikin 35 mm photos of our trip to Japan last year


  1. Harikinかわいい~!!

  2. I haven't seriously used a film camera in a long time...I actually have an old Pentax camera, but haven't used it yet as I have no idea how (what are all these lenses and shutter speeds and what-not?), and I don't want to pour too much time/effort/money into it if I end up doing nothing with it. Maybe sometime in the future...

    I am a bit interested in the Golden Half though. It seems like a good starting point to me.

    Anyway, your pictures are nice!

  3. The only toy camera I have is the Shiro Neko Holga, and I haven't event finished a roll using it, haha. It's a cute conversation piece for my bookshelf, though, haha.

  4. I have the actionsampler, which is a lot of fun. As for developing it, I just go to the local drug store to get it done. Nothing too exciting. Haven't done any lately since they are pricey. :(

  5. Thanks guys!

    Megan - I am so bad at using my Holga 120 - the awkward size film drives me bonkers and they never develop right! So I have to stick to 35 haha.

    A pentax sounds awesome!

    Erin - haha is that the adorable one that comes in a can??

    Thao - That's a cool one!! But I once took a roll of only stationary objects. FAIL

  6. PRETTY CUTE <3 I love the design of the camera, just so KAWAII

  7. SIMPLY GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to see your latest photos from it :)

    I used to send mine to a nearby Ritz because I could just have only the negatives developed and uploaded to an online account! It was easy and cheap ($3!!) but then they closed PLUS stopped doing "negatives/upload only" too. So at this point I just drop mine off at Target, hahaha~ write "toy camera" and pick the prints up in an hour for like $7.

  8. I'm trying to figure out a good place to get film developed, too. Just started using a film dslr (no cute toy camera, sadly!!), but all the places that I thought did film don't do film anymore!

    But anyway, your photos are SO awesome! I love that rainbow car-park one!

  9. Man, I love the superheadz camera, but the shipping kills me :(