August 29, 2011

Obon at Showa

Showa Boston had their Obon festival this weekend.  It was really lovely, especially since a day later Hurricane Irene blew in, leaving pretty much nothing to do but sit around in the dark.

We had some azuki kakigori (小豆かき氷 red beans over chipped ice) and watched some wonderful dancing, listened to great music, - it was a good time!

Just before we had dinner at Genkiya sushi, one of my favorite Japanese places in Boston.  Had the kushiyaki (串焼き grilled seafood) and the cucumber summer maki!


  1. Oh shit these are seriously wonderful *o*
    I'm glad they didn't cancel the festival due to the oncoming weather too. Hope your guys are good. Power & all.

    What camera did you use by the way? They'll so beautiful :)

  2. Love the pictures! Glad to see people were enjoying themselves up to the last minute.

  3. So jealous! I miss Hawaii's obon season so much (as a lot of people know, since I complain about not being there every year, haha). Did you try joining in at all?

  4. Cool! It looks like a beautiful evening all around! :)

  5. Thanks guys!

    Jenny - it was just a bad storm, haha we're good thanks! I use a Nikon p100 - it's actually not a real DSLR but almost functions like one! Thanks!

    Erin - I didn't dance this year, haha, but definitely next!

  6. That looks so cool! I was going to go while I was in Japan, but didn't end getting to see anything :[

  7. Anonymous30.8.11


  8. love this post.. japan japan japan!!

  9. Anonymous31.8.11

    So much loveliness!
    I regret not going to the O-bon festival while I was in Japan (completely forgot about it)...
    The sushi looks delish too!

  10. お祭りだね!楽しそう~~!ゆかたを着た?

    There was a festival!Sounds interesting!
    Did you wear a yukata?

  11. Oh my, looks like so much fun!

    There was a small festival here in Brisbane the other day and I missed out - and we didn't manage to be in Japan during any major festivals - major sadness!