August 15, 2011

Office is out to lunch - will return in 20 minutes

*sigh* I love Kim's work space at the art museum - can't you tell she's a graphic designer?


Trying to undo a month of eating like it's the last day of my life...

by one of my 11yr old students in Pop Art class.

Reminds me of when I tried making guacamole :)  

Speaking of lunch, ... Worcester has been doing their "Out To Lunch" series this month, where local restaurants get together and set up tents.  Good, good stuff.

I think my favorite Worcester restaurants + favorite dishes have to be:
  • Corner Grille (The Mad Russian pizza)
  • The Bean Counter (iced coffee + vegan oatmeal whoopie pie)
  • Shiraz (lemajun - an Armenian dish)
  • Takara (The Green Island sushi roll)
  • Azteca (Pollo Loco)
  • The Gold Star Diner (two eggs + bacon, grilled corn muffins)
  • The Broadway (potato pancakes, cheese blintzes)
  • Sole Proprietor (crab stuffed mushrooms)
  • Tortilla Sam's (mango lime chicken + sweet potato fries)
  • India Cafe (anything - I love that place top to bottom)
  • Harry's (black forest pie + coffee)
I'm sure there's more!  I'll have to add to this later.


  1. Some of those strawberries look like little hearts.

    The Out to Lunch campaign sounds like such a fun project and Mad Russian Pizza sounds very interesting. Next time, take pictures!

  2. Whoa an organized graphic designer!? What is this mythical creature xDDD

  3. Taking cute/pretty pictures of your diet food makes it easier to eat 8D That's what I think, anyway. PRESENTATION!

  4. Out to lunch - what a cool event!

    I really like your friend's giant collage? that's hanging over her desk. I kinda want to make one for myself now.

  5. I have spent the last month eating like every day is my last day on earth too! GAH! What is causing the food to taste so good? It's making me fatter and fatter. I want to attack some guacamole now. YUM! And crab stuffed mushrooms sound delicious!

  6. Thanks guys!

    Thao - I think it's a giant design conference poster!
    Alison - Let's get fat togetherrrrrr and eat all the fooods

  7. oooh, i like foodie graphic designers are kinda like the coolest ppl in the world ;)

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