August 3, 2011

This week in cell phone pictures

Had a lovely evening with Alison getting maguro sushi, walked around the out door flea markets to find some new cacti, breakfast at the diner, and all kinds of summery things.

Finished up some new projects for some great clients - more on those when it's time!

I always get tomato on breakfast sandwiches :)  It's naked without!

Andy and I are off to teach more workshops on Nantucket this week.  It was hard to leave my classes at the Worcester Art Museum - these kids have been amazing!

Photos of our painting projects next time :)


  1. i love old timey treats!

  2. Were those taken in a Cracker Barrel? I thought it was a Southern restaurant, but those pictures look exactly like the inside of one. I've got a sweet tooth now hehe.

  3. この写真、携帯電話のカメラでとったのー? すごくいい写真だと思う!
    Are these pictures are taken by your cell phone? Your cell phone camera pictures are really good!:)

    Cactus かわいい!(^-^)

  4. Thanks guys!

    Haha Lindsey - yes! There is one by us, the only place you can get a semblence of southern cooking. It's kitch but fun!

    Mayako - thank you!

  5. i love the focusing on the plant pictures :D

  6. Anonymous8.8.11

    Oh my, there's so much to be inspired with over there!
    I find a lot of my own city to be fairly boring - but when it's seen through other people's eyes, it's an entirely different world!

    Love all the candy and cactus shots -
    clearly I need to purchase a nifty little cactus!

  7. PERFECT! As if I'm looking at vintage photos of penny-candy!!