August 16, 2011

Veronica as a W.A.S.P

So a while back I mentioned how the super awesome Scott Wegener, Marvel artist and one half of Atomic Robo, asked myself and a bunch of other female comic artists to draw ourselves as pirate-y versions of W.A.S.Ps for their upcoming volume of AR.

Thank you, Scott!

WASPs or Women's AirForce Service Pilots were the first ladies ever to fly military air craft.  A special reserve formed in 1941, they ferried male soldiers into combat zones during WWII.

1000+ went in and 38 were killed, but these women were still considered "civil servants" and received no military benefits all the way until 1977.  (Thanks to Sen. Barry Goldwater, the dude who lost to JFK - go fig)  In 2009 President Obama awarded them the Congressional Gold Medal for serving the American people!

Pretty bad-ass.  After reviewing some cool pictures like these, I had to revise my character design and add a sweet bomber jacket (um, and gun holster.)

I like this one by my new favorite brand, Carven

Carven jacket


It was pretty fun to do, having already been in female-Hans Solo mode when JJ and I worked on concepts for Captain LoveLace.  There she is, up in the sidebar! 

* By the way, get ready to read Pirates of Mars in color!

Here is the old style sheet we used


  1. ベストとブーツがかっこいいね!(^-^)
    I like the vest and boots, Cool!

  2. Oh good, at first I thought of the OTHER WASPs *cough old money style*

    FRYE boots~ sigh~ I touched my friend's FRYE boots once. Closest I'll ever let myself be to owning them $$$$$

    It's amazing all the things Obama has gone back and "corrected" if you will. When we have to take ethics training, etc, at work they list the laws and mandates Obama has put into place and you're just like "whoa, you meant that WASN'T illegal before?! wtf!"

  3. at first i was like WASP? then i was like..."oh"

    u did get married in cape cod...SOOOOO...

    jk jk, i love this, halloween costume much? I want to be a cartoon!

  4. OMG ! Beautiful Dresses

  5. Thanks guys! Even you, Online Shopping Spam

  6. haha I like the "OH YEAH" face.