August 31, 2011

Yellow Jeans + a Checkered Blazer

got the pants and the jacket at a thrift store for $7 total!

Just busy working here in the studio.  Changing it around.  AGAIN.

I don't know why I can't work when I feel like the place is a mess.  It's not like I'm looking for distractions - enough of that of course - but I can't believe how many art supplies I don't use.

I seem to have a favorite rotation of like 5 materials for drawing comics - and only like 7 more for everything else!

If you count the paint colors as one material, I only use 3 different brushes for oils, 3 for acrylics, and I hardly ever use my oil pastels or chalks.  What am I doing with all this pointless other stuff?!

But once it's all clean I feel like burning on all cylinders and the work gets better.

Speaking of which!  Almost done putting together the Frankenstein preview issue!

Woooo 15 pages of story and then storyboards, sketches, inspirational material and other junk.  Super soon!

some other stuff I've worn this week


  1. Sweet thrift store snag sistah! ;) I can totally relate to the need to tidy before working. And I love your sketches by the way!

  2. Nice nice - yellow pant, pleated skirts?

    Love it all!

  3. Yellow jeans, blue coat and red belt! :) Both colors are good in your picture!


  4. Anonymous6.9.11

    wow beautiful pictures and awesome sharing