September 19, 2011

Big Fun in Cleveland

Hey friends,

Andy and I had to revisit our favorite stop in Cleveland, BIG FUN.

This place needs to be preserved as a World Heritage site.

I absolutely love discovering all the awesome junk this place has to offer.  You can keep going in each time and find something new - whether it's a vintage 1980 Strawberry Shortcake roll of decorative packing tape (which YES I BOUGHT) or Jambi's Magic Box up on the wall, or a Star Wars lunch box with Chewy thermos or any number of things with forgotten Hanna Barbera characters.

There is too much to mention so here - just have a look instead.

We went to both locations, sadly neither of their photobooths were operational.  They have two genuine black + white photobooths from the 60s!

But in order to develop the real pictures they need special chemicals, and were waiting for their order to come in.  Oh well, next time :)


  1. D: so nostalgic! I HAD that Rainbow Brite mug! I had forgotten about it until now :O

  2. Haha, what! This place is amazing - wish we had something similar! Although, maybe not... I'd just become a proper junk hoarder. x

  3. That place looks so cool!