September 23, 2011

Valley Junction Antique Jam

Valley Junction in West Des Moines has the coolest Antique festival twice a year and we were excited to catch one of them. (The other was on my birthday this June, what a coincidence)

Check out A-OK Antiques for the best stuff and their sister store across the way for consignment clothes + rentals {below}

I wanted this so badly - you don't even know.  But, it is for a child.

More specifically, a child in an Oklahoma marching band.

And my shoulders are too wide.


  1. That red jacket is so cute!

    But oh,,, it was for child...

  2. I want that jacket!!!

  3. I love antiques.

    I would have bought that jacket anyway and hung it in my studio.
    Can you imagine wearing it around town? Rad.

  4. Thanks guys!

    We all need this jacket, I wish I was an 11 year old

  5. So much kitsch I die! I often think of filling the house top to bottom with kitsch, zakka inspired goods but I feel too I would grow tired of clutter & maybe it's not fair to manly Mike LOL ... if I had a british garden house .... :P