October 17, 2011

Artist Residency

So this is basically where I live most of the time

I hear many scary things in the night... it's pretty creepy!

Last month I started my Artist Residency at the Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, MA.  It's been really wonderful - the students are awesome, the facility is great and I have lots of important time to work on Frankenstein pages.

But it's very dark at night.

And cold.

And quiet.

But one night around 11, I woke up to the sound of screaming in the woods.  

Then suddenly the barking of wild dogs.

And then ... nothing.



  1. It looks like a very nice place! But the sentences at the end make it eery! D= I would be so creeped out. I received a strange dying/crying telephone call from an unknown number just now... and my imagination is running wild.. even though it's probably just some high dude.

  2. Wow, that sounds downright creepy.

    Your house looks so nice though.

  3. I found "miso soup" in your picture! :)

  4. That's weird I thought I had commented. Sorry, I'm lagging super behind!! This place looks so cozy in the sunlight but I'm sure at night it casts a slightly more sinister tone if allowed to :P

    The screaming sounds like it could have been a cougar! Watch out! xD