November 29, 2011

Austin - Vertically

More pictures from our Austin trip last month!

I had to post them to bring back feelings of warmer weather...

Wizard World Austin was a really fun convention
 Thanks for inviting us down, WW!

So after we visited with my lovely aunt we rented a car and drove about 3 hours further West to Austin.  There was so little time to actually see the city, since we were at the con Friday, Saturday and Sunday all day - so we tried to pack as much into our nights as possible!

At the convention I got to meet some really nice people (I'll be doing a post specifically about the artists I loved) but some celebrities as well.

I talked to Chandler Riggs, the kid who plays Carl on my favorite show "The Walking Dead" on AMC.  He was super adorable, and really fun to talk to.

He told me (SPOILER ALERT) that the day they filmed him getting shot was also his birthday!  He also informed me "getting fake shot is really cool".

The original cast of Willy Wonka was also there, talked with "Charlie", who is now a vet on an organic farm.  What a cool guy he was, and we discussed the other-ness kind of atmosphere in that film, since it was shot in Germany.

I also spoke with Juliet Landau - who is in my favorite movie "Ed Wood"!  

Apparently she is on Buffy now (which I don't watch) so I got the feeling she was happy to escape crazy Buffy fans for a chance to talk about Tim Burton for a bit.

She told me that he is really cool about letting actors improv some - a little of what you see the actors actually decided to do.  She also said when he gets excited on set, he jumps up and down and air claps - since you can't make sound while the camera is rolling.  Hilarious!

Chuy's in Austin - I love this place!

Downtown Austin

The con had some great Christmas gift ideas...

Buccee's mystery snacks in Lockhart, TX 

Rocky Mtn. Candy Co. in Houston 

At the Apple Store, messing around with the iPad I so covet



  1. Awww that Chuy's is pretty!

  2. Ooh, sounds fun! LOVE that "Charlie" is now a vet on an organic farm, that is brilliant. x

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah, the Wonka kids didn't really do many movies (if any) after that, and they are all really cool people!

  4. Definitely feeling the sunshine through these! Especially with it being back to 28 in the mornings now xD

    Fake getting shot on one's birthday ... definitely one he'll remember!!

  5. Sounds like you had a really awesome trip! I'm glad to find out how quirky Tim Burton is -- it makes me like him even more!

    Great pictures. :)

  6. Anonymous4.12.11

    Great pictures. Those donuts look so divinely american :)