November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Hey friends!

I can't believe what a whacky fall this has been.  Andy and I enjoyed a wonderful Hallo-weekend together, going to Hebert Candy Mansion, pumpkin-picking/pumpkin carving, drinking cider, baking pumpkin seeds, watched Walking Dead, shoveling snow...

Yes, about 8 inches of snow fell, and since all the leaves weren't off the trees, the weight of the snow has toppled hundreds of giant trees.  I hope my friends without power get up and running soon.  The line outside our house came down at 4:30am with a HUGE CRASHZAPBANG but for some reason we're okay.

This is the view from my studio window Oct. 30 in the morning...

Ahh, nice and sunny and then suddenly, snow storm.

But anyway, we had lots of fun carving these bad boys


Check out this amazing picture JJ sent me of some lovely people dressed as Pirates of Mars characters for Halloween!

Sadir, Dr. Hopper, and Capt. Lovelace

Speaking of Pirates of Mars, I can't believe in just a week Andy and I will be on our way to Texas to see family in Houston and do the Wizard Con in Austin.  

If you plan on attending the con in Austin - we're doing a promotion where the first 100 guests get a free trading card sketch! 

500 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78701

Okay, back to work and Top Chef Texas!


  1. Anonymous1.11.11

    Wow, I've never had a fall with snow before! I think the earliest I've seen first-snow was around mid-December!

  2. AW it must be cool to have someone dress up as your characters!!

  3. Jealous of your snow! And those pumpkins are the coolest pumpkins I've ever seen. Great job!

  4. Thanks guys!

    You're jealous of the snow, Emma, haha I wish I was that optimistic