November 17, 2011

Houston - Here, There, Everywhere

Everything really IS bigger in Texas!

The highways are so gigantic, I wish I had a panoramic lens to really show the scale.  We met my aunt in Houston and spent a few days before driving to Austin.  We visited lots of neighborhoods, each with a different feel.

The food was amazing, as were the bright colored homes and signage.  I wish Boston had colors like these!

Casa Ramirez

a vicious guard dog

Replay on 19th

Cavender's Boot Emporium

The Heights Art Gallery

Flan at Escalante's

Domy Books Houston

Flower shop + Bakery at City Centre

the intrepid

sunrise over I-10

Oishii Sushi


Casa Ramirez

I really liked Houston, but I have to say, I couldn't live there unless it was in an area like Montrose or the Heights. You really have to drive everywhere!  I really enjoy walking places, and it's so spread out you basically drive between two downtowns.

Next post I'll put a list of the places we went :)


  1. Aww, I'm jealous! I've never been to Texas, always wanted to go though! But it seems so hot, what was the weather like during your stay?

  2. Beautiful photos! I'm happy you had so much fun. And yeah - holy crap - the roads/highways are GIGANTIC!

  3. so colorful, that first shop looks like the inside of frida kahlo's BRAIN

  4. Anonymous23.11.11

    Oh, the colours!
    Looks like big big fun!