November 23, 2011

Yuka came to visit

We watched Sean in fascination as he invented a centerpiece from nothing

Yuka among the greenery at Jolie Fleur

Yuka brought us Hyoko from Tokyo!


Yuka stayed with us this weekend!  It was really wonderful, and brought back many happy memories of our outings together in Boston when she lived in Brookline.

Now, years later she is back in Tokyo but we still talk, and we were so happy to have her visit (and around her birthday too!)  So we threw a little party (thanks Alex + Lindz!) and did many wonderful things about the city.

Too-early Christmas decor at the Pru

Allie Oop got a hair cut...


  1. Anonymous23.11.11

    Aw - it's always fantastic to get a visit from a far-away friend!
    It's good to see that you had plenty of fun (also: nutella + banana = delicious)!

  2. That painting in the 4th to last picture - I did a project on that in college where I had to copy it. :) I should dig that up and see how terrible it came out, haha.

  3. hee hee allie looks super cute! glad you guys had fun

  4. OMG ! Beautiful all pictures and awesome sharing. great your idea i like it

  5. It's really nice that you had a great time with your friend! :-) I know Hiyoko! おいしいよね(^_-)-☆

  6. And Allie Oop looks cute!! ;-)

  7. Sounds like fun! I really love your photographs, they're always so aesthetically pleasing. x

  8. Thanks so much guys! Happy Thanksgiving!