December 14, 2011

Art Tea + new plants

Hey friends,

Tonight from 4 - 5pm, Andy and I will be giving a little presentation on our work at the Kresge Cultural Center in Hardwick, MA.  The "Art Tea" is a really cool informal get-together where you can enjoy some nice pastries, sip some tea and listen to us babble on.

My artist residency is almost officially at the end, and it's been a really intense period of hard work for me.  I'm so grateful that the school offered me the chance to get all this work done on Frankenstein while at the same time getting to meet some really cool students.

some rough ideas for a game company

some new additions to the studio

I have so many things I'm working on right now - can't wait to finally show everything!

The line-up:

  • Brak painting for Gallery 1988's Adult Swim Show (90% done)
  • Alfred Hitchcock series for LA exhibition (just sketches right now)
  • Frankenstein Volume 1 issue 1 (85% done)
  • Christmas shopping (100% done baby)
I have lots of other small illustration gigs to post soon - right now I gotta make some gingerbread for the Museum office ladies! 

(They always bake wonderful things and feed me and I give nothing back because I'm a heartless eating machine)


  1. Aw, your little sonny angel is so cute. Dang, I need to make friends with some museum office ladies too, haha.

  2. super cute plants! I love those games renderings, remind me of mike magnola