December 23, 2011

Honey & Grapefruit

Lately I've gone crazy for two things: Mclure's New England honey and grapefruit.  I noticed that quite by accident all my pretty-lady-things are grapefruit scented, from my body wash to hand cream.  And it's awesome.

I used to think my dad was a masochist for eating something as sour and bitter as grapefruit for breakfast, but now I see he wasn't crazy.

It also helped me drop 3 pounds! Woo!

And I started substituting honey for all my sugar needs, including on pancakes instead of maple syrup.  Oh, how I love it.  It even goes really well on my Fage Greek yogurt in the morning!

What foods are you loving recently?


  1. I LOVE honey too! I buy raw local honey at Carlson farms in Harvard MA whenever I'm in the neighborhood. They have all different flavors, like lavendar. Honey is such an amazing food. It's made by insects!!! How weird is that? And I love the design of a honeycomb. As for foods I'm obsessed with lately... well, BJs sells these bins of potato knishes made in Brooklyn. Needless to say I have GAINED a few pounds.

  2. Greeks always top their yogurt with honey and walnuts. Or sometimes with preserved fruit, like cherries. But (just as a warning to anyone reading this) honey must NEVER be given to a baby less than a year old. It could be fatal. I forget why.