December 7, 2011

Jim Welu + WAM

Jim Welu, after 37 years of hard work as the Worcester Art Museum's Director, has left this position and we will welcome the new Director this month.  

Jim has been a wonderful person to work for, and his generous and friendly disposition is much-appreciated in a setting where people tend to take themselves too seriously.  Jim always takes his work seriously and himself lightly, which we all love so much about him.

There was a big event to celebrate his career and contributions to the museum's collection.  His favorite pieces were turned into "Tableux Vivant" or, "Living Portraits"

Cool, right?


  1. Anonymous8.12.11

    It's sad to see such an important mentor go, but his legacy live on!

    Such a quirky way to show his favourite paintings, too! Love it!

  2. Do you work in that museum? I've always wanted to work in one just to try it out. It's such an ideal job where I get to look at beautiful artworks while working....and get pay for! :D

    Your artwork is so impressive! I hope to see it in California someday...unless you do have some here already lol. ahh all the great artists seems to be in the East =(

  3. Thanks guys!

    Nyuu - yes! I've been teaching classes there for teens 14 - 17 for about 5 years now! It's a great place, and I really love my job. You should work at a museum! It's very rewarding :)

    If you're in LA, I'll have work at a show at Gallery 1988 this January :)