December 17, 2011

On the easel

Okay, it's not on the easel, but it was at one point

recently finished piece for Adult Swim art show

Getting ready for the holidays!

Decorated our little tree, wrapped gifts and mailed out cards - even got some soy egg nog (pretty good!)

This year is going to be pretty quiet for us.  My family is in Iowa for Christmas, and Andy's mom is in Japan seeing my brother + sister -in-law!  So the family Christmas Eve party will be pretty sparse,  but that's neither here nor there - it's a family tradition I actually enjoy, haha 


  1. カラフルなライトがいいね~~o(^-^)o
    The colorful lights look nice!
    Christmas will come soon!

  2. Nice artwork! I'll have to try soy egg nog one day. :)

  3. i really like that piece reminds me of retro adult swim...if thats even a thing...

  4. This is awesome. Love it!