January 3, 2012

Brak! for Gallery 1988 X Adult Swim

Hey friends,

I'm so excited Gallery 1988 is hosting the first ever art show in collaboration with Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

I knew I had to immediately choose Brak as my subject, since that show has been a favorite of mine for many years.  While it only ran 2 seasons, it's bizarre Dada-like humor was so refreshing.

I'm excited to see how the other artists handle their pieces, like who is going to do SeaLab 2021 or Venture Brothers, or Space Ghost! Oh, and Harvey Birdman! That show was amazing.

gouache on watercolor paper   |   12x16"   |   $200

You can see this in person or purchase this art through 

Gallery 1988 Melrose
7020 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038


  1. Lovvve this! Though I never really got into that show, I've only seen bits and pieces of it.

  2. Incredible! I love this piece! (and omg Harvey Birdman - I forgot how hilarious that was - need to re-watch!)

  3. I love Brak, and I love this!! You handle gouache so nicely <3

  4. Thanks so much guys!

    Haha, cupcake, I think bits and pieces are enough ;)

  5. im more of a space ghost girl myself...brak was toooooo much! TOO MUCH XD

  6. but this is beautiful work vicks

  7. Thanks so much, B! Yeah, those shows definitely needed to just stay at 15 min. an episode sometimes, haha

  8. Anonymous4.1.12

    I would buy Toth Brand Comics any day! Wish I had space on my wall for this.

  9. Anonymous4.1.12

    AND, having seen it first-hand-- it looks even better in person!

  10. Thanks, sweetheart!