January 4, 2012


New datebook from Lett's of London - definitely my favorite scheduler 

And thanks Jayne for the amazing hand-crafted card!

So, it's 2012 now - I hope the flying cars will be here soon.  2011 was a really crazy year for everyone, and I look back at my archives to reminisce both happy and sad things.

Sometimes I go through these phases where I think "Oh my goodness, I need to get with it, I need to do what [this artist] is doing or [that artist] is doing - my work is so stilted and boring!  Why aren't you working harder!?"

But then it takes a time of year like this to make you sift through your memories and realize, "Wait, no - I actually grew a lot!"

I have this awful habit (maybe you guys know what I'm talking about) where you don't value the work you did.  It's all about "Okay, what's next".  My memory for past accomplishments is literally like 6 minutes.

So it may feel like just spinning wheels in a hamster cage - but that's totally wrong.  It's an illusion.  In fact, you do quite a lot.

In 2011, one of my goals was to improve my Japanese.  In March I made 4 pen pals, all of which have now become close friends and helped my ability tremendously!

Whenever I feel like it's hopeless, I just think about where I started from - makes you feel pretty good!

About 2 years ago when I was at 154 pounds, and now I'm at 130, so so close to my goal!

Even though I used to be terrified of being on the phone with art directors - this year I conquered that fear!

It's impossible to recount all the wonderful things + moments you experience in a year.  

But if you try, soon they weave together like a big blanket, and you realize how much greater they are combined ~ and all the sad things can't compare.


Incredibly nice gift from my close friend in Japan, I only tweeted once about how much I love Majolica Majorca, and she saw it!  So thoughtful :)



  1. You really had a jam packed and wonderful year! Congrats! :) Here's to another one.

    Man I know exactly what you mean. It's just natural for artists I guess. One of my friends told me once "artists need to be disatisfied with their work, otherwise what's the point?" To an extent, it's true. We've always gotta be powerhousing to get better!

  2. Anonymous4.1.12

    Artists need to get out and actively get involved in competitive sports to learn that fight mentality-- sometimes you have to kick yourself in the pants and shove self-pity down the stairs.

    The best thing I ever did for my art career was learn how to box. It teaches you there is no time for doubt, no time for worry and how to get up when you get knocked down.

    Now get out there and FIGHT!

  3. Such an inspiring post Veronica!

  4. Thanks guys! Happy New Year!

  5. Anonymous5.1.12

    I just discovered your work on ArtistADay.com -- I'm an instant fan! Completely inspiring.

  6. Keep on kicking ass in 2012!!!

  7. Thanks so much guys!

  8. For what it's worth, you're my inspiration :)
    Happy New Year!

  9. Absolutely inspiring to see you reflect on the past year and find such strength from it!

  10. Aw, thanks so much :D

  11. Last two lines of this post are amazing. I hope you have a wonderful 2012!