March 16, 2012

Good things

arugula, chives, balsamic vinagarette, strawberries, baby carrots in flax wrap 

yellow split peas, mushrooms, carrots, broc + caul in curry sauce 

This month has been insane!  But the kind that I really enjoy.

Been cooking quite a bit - learning so much about flavor combinations, presentation,  combining textures ~ it's really fun.  Basic cooking is still brand new to me.  It's something I didn't know I was capable of!

I wrote a while back about changing my quality of living via my relationship with food, and it's still going strong!  

Cooking helps me to slow down, take time to enjoy my day, my apartment, even be able to give my husband and my dog more attention.

Speaking of which!  Her old owner sent us pictures of when Allie Oop was a puppy!

She had black fur?!  She's completely gray now!

I have so many wonderful projects happening right now, multiple paintings, charity projects, comics and special clients - cooking is mandatory since there is no time to even leave the studio!

But being busy is a great thing: when jobs aren't coming in, it makes you nervous!

Later gators!


  1. Every time you post your delicious food it makes me hungry. ♥

    and g'awww baby puppyyy!

  2. Yum, your food photography is beautiful......... and now I'm hungry!