March 1, 2012

Inside the Studio

Did you guys enjoy your Leap Day?  Did magical things befall you?

I've been nuts about cooking lately, so this week was spent looking at lots of recipes, smelling all the spices hidden in the pantry, and making some simple Indian curry!

AND because the price was marked wrong, Whole Foods gave me my premium cardamom for free!  Whoa!  Cardamom is incredibly expensive, so that was a lucky break.

And thank you so much to Karen Roehr, UMass Lowell and everybody who turned out for the opening, it was wonderful!

Currently working on:
  • 5 paintings due this spring 
  • trying to wrap up the first issue of Frankenstein
  • finishing up the Japan travel/sketchlogues 
  • teaching 3 days a week

Ah, now that I write it all out, it totally makes sense why my datebook feels like INSANITY

McLure's of New England is my favorite honey in the world!

I love looking at my friend's artworks

Alison Cowell (bunny) + Ansis Purins (ghost)

Some original art by Alex Toth on the left + Ansis Purins print

Time to get back to work!


  1. Oh my, your studio is so dreamy!! I'm so excited for Frankenstein and your Japan travel logs!

  2. Your studio looks amazing! I love your wallpaper on your computer!

    1. Thanks! It's not my photography, but someday I'll get that close to Fuji!

  3. let me have your studio...LET ME HAS

  4. Ooooh I love looking at photos of people's work rooms, I'm so nosey!
    You have a great space.

  5. I love your studio! GAH! I wanna come over! Thanks for hanging up my piece. xo