March 10, 2012

My closet is black & white

For the second time since Halloween, it snowed in Massachusetts this winter.  Only a few weeks shy of spring.  Isn't that amazing?

What a merciful year this has been!

Thank you, Nature, for not being a total jerk this season.

I recently pulled out about half of my closet to donate or send to my friend Misha.  I was only wearing maybe a 4th of what I had.  Wow, I own a lot of black and white, haha  Time to get some spring colors up in there...

[below is my entire wardrobe BEFORE I cleared it all out:]

There was a smile hidden inside this cord


  1. Aw man the snow looks so gorgeous though!

    Unfortunately mild winter up there for you guys means a really crummy winter for us down in Texas. It barely ever got below 50F!

    1. Oh no! Oh wait, below 50?? I can't feel sorry for that, lol

  2. The snow looks so beautiful! I always hear everyone talk about how we didn't have a winter this year, but I was still freezing lol :/

    1. Haha I knooow I'm allllways cold!