March 5, 2012

Restocked + Ready to Go

Hey friends,

Only $5 with an original drawing in every one.

And also!  Pirates of Mars vol. 1 is also now $11.96!

Like, as in forever and ever!

So when there is a sale, you can get %20 off that, so, not too shabby :)

I'm gearing up for a Big Spring Sale of artwork from the recesses of the studio.  While cleaning, resurfacing old sketches for paintings I never completed, were also a series of about 86 5"x5" paintings!  Eighty-six!  So those will be available come spring time.

Allie Oop, enjoying some sun

Can't wait for spring ~ when strawberries will actually be in season.  These were okay, but definitely made better with some almond milk and pureed bananas.

And thanks to Inspiring-Illustration / Tumblr 
for putting my work on the Radar this week - it means alot!


  1. Julia5.3.12

    Tumblr is how I found your blog! Let me just say that I love it so much!

    Your posts are continuously inspiring and it makes me happy to see another fan of Asian art/design that isn't all weeaboo (which is what practically everyone thinks, unfortunately) :(

    Anyway, keep it up! :D

    Yayyyy for comics!

    1. Thank you very much! Hahaha, where does that term come from? that's hilarious :)

    2. Julia6.3.12

      Where everything is created, the internet! haha XD But I feel like it's a constant battle to prove to people that it IS possible to appreciate Asian design, languages, comics or what have you, AND shower...

  2. Yessss! Definitely going to have to get Frankenstein sometime soon!!

    Your food pictures make me so, so hungry, all the time!

  3. Ooooooh strawberries, they look so good!!!!