March 28, 2012

This week in cell pics

On the way to teach a class in Malden

Picked up the most amazing golden delicious apples 
from the Living Earth market in Worcester. 

No, you don't understand - 
this was the best apple I've ever eaten

in. my. LIFE.

Grapefruit sorbet and lemon froyo taste test ~ both wonderful
at Wooberry in Worcester

at Trader Joe's in Shrewbury, MA looking at my favorite blossoms

Stopping for a coffee at Oveda's before teaching a class in Amesbury, MA

Alexa trying on a lovely trench coat at Anthropologie in Natick

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man at Midtown Comics, NYC

My favorite section of any comic store - art books and collections of 40s strips

at the market on Yale Campus, New Haven, CT

  A face in my fruit...


You can see 8 original art pages from my adaption of Frankenstein + some from Pirates of Mars on display at UMass Lowell until March 23.

More about that {here} !



  1. This entry succeeded in making me very hungry lol. The area I live in FINALLY got an Anthropologie, but I'm unfortunately broke lol.

    1. Haha success

      Oh man Anthropologie is so expensive, I can't even go in there because it's so hard to put things down!