April 30, 2012

Happy May

Happy May Day!

OK, tomorrow is May, but it's May already somewhere,
 so here's a nibbling rabbit illustration for you

This weather is seriously crazy.  For a while it was super hot, like in the 80s, then suddenly an icy breeze set in, and now it's a super chilly 40 degrees with a harsh wind!

It's making my eyeballs hurt!  Serious!  I don't know why, but my eyes feel sore from the temperature change.  Weird.

Andy and I went out to the Book Bear in West Brookfield and stopped at Dippin' Donuts for breakfast.  I noticed they are doing "Cherry Blossom" donuts - whoa ho ho!  How's that for being international.

Boston is the last major city to get a direct flight service to Tokyo, so the state has been really celebrating Japanese culture this month.

We taught a cartooning workshop in Wakefield this week, which was exceedingly awesome because the librarian Emily is extremely cool and stocks the library with great comics and how-to drawing books.

Check out these awesome drawings they did!


  1. DIPPIN' DONUTS. Wish we had that stuff here. Big cravings now - thanks! ;)

    The weather's mood swinging like crazy here too, hope it settles down and brightens up properly soon coz I'm not looking forward to a summer of rain x

    1. HAHA I see "dippin donuts" sign so often, saying it out loud is making me laugh

      Is the UK rainy year-round??

  2. I love the purple flowers and hope they take over the world! they sort of look like they are trying to ;D