April 22, 2012

In progress

Lots of paintings in progress!  So much to do, not enough hours in the day!

Also - apologies for the bad cell pic quality

Here are some things I was working on yesterday - they are actually done today!  Wow, usually I don't work so fast, but really hit a good grove in the studio.

I love using these crazy Acryla gouaches, they are so neon, taking a picture can't capture how they glow in real life.  It's Da-Glo!

But colors are everywhere lately, as they should be being spring, and I love finding little things like this pile of streamers in the Museum storage closet.

And the flowers at Trader Joe's are looking amazing!  I was thinking of planting dahlias out in the yard, but I'm afraid to try - they seem too delicate for my inexperience?

I love the blue hydrangeas, they remind me of Cape Cod!

And even my summer salad and portabello mushroom sandwich at Nu is colorful!

made orange cranberry mini scones with Billee


  1. いい色だね~。ネオンカラーっていうのかな(^-^)

    Nice colors, are those called neon color?
    Wow, your cranberry scones look delicious!!

    1. Yes they are neon! They basically glow!

  2. The colors all look fresh and lovely! You are definitely on a roll!