April 20, 2012

See you at the Boston ComiCon

Hey friends,

I'll be appearing at the Boston ComiCon this weekend (April 21 + 22) sharing a table with my pal Brit Snyder.

I'll be selling copies of the Frankenstein mini + Pirates of Mars Vol. 1

Also, I'm offering a Con special -

Free sketch inside either book when you buy!
and I'm talking like, a real sketch, not this doodle business

Pirates of Mars has also been discounted from $15 to $10


Also!  The Harvard Book store asked to restock more copies of Pirates!

Anyway, I am so psyched for Boston ComiCon - Andy and I were guests for the first 4 seasons of this amazing event and it has just exploded from a little corner of a hotel meeting room to a HUGE convention center!  Whoa!

And as always, Colin Solan and everybody on the management side of things have lined up spectacular guests like Bernie Wrightson, Alex Maleev, Jill Thompson - so many more - you should come!


  1. Gonna try to be there girl! So awesome! ;-)

  2. Aw, wish I could! Hope it goes well x