April 12, 2012

Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt   |  mixed media on paper  |   11x14"  |   $250

available via Gallery 1988 LA starting April 13

When Gallery 1988 emailed me their 2012 group show line-up, and an Alfred Hitchcock Tribute show was on it - I screamed a little.

I knew I had to do an illustration of my favorite Hitchcock movie ever 
"Shadow of a Doubt"

I love Hitch movies, so so much!   It was hard to pick which to do, my favs are: Rear Window, Rebecca, and Rope  (Hey look at that, all "R" movies)

Joseph Cotten is one scary dude

Making a digital composite for reference

Working in the studio

On the left, my sketchbook is open to ball-point pen sketches I had done of abstract paintings from the Carrie Moyer show.  Moyer's work was so inspiring, even if I don't do abstract work, there was a way to incorporate certain aspects like smoke.

Wish I could see the show in person!  So much amazing material to be inspired by!


  1. Have I mentioned before how much I adore your style? I really, really do. It is SO amazing I hope one day when I have a little more wealth I can buy something(s) of yours to put up on my wall~ You're just so good at texture it makes me want to rub of cheek on your paintings...cough or something like that.

    1. Oh my gosh, you are too sweet, thank you!