April 27, 2012

The Shadow

illustration for JusticeBulletin.com for the Alec Baldwin film version

Thanks, Jason!

Andy loves The Shadow, and gets the pulp reprints and comics regularly.  I don't have any attachment to the character myself, but I love the cover art and the atmosphere.

But my favorite version of The Shadow has to be when Orson Welles voiced the character for the radio show in 1938.  Because Welles has the best voice ever.

Maybe someone can explain to me the difference between Lamont Cranston and Bruce Wayne ...?  Two super rich guys with no powers but clean up the streets and night and strike fear into the hearts of evil doers... and love to brood.

THIS is a hilarious (albeit extremely explicit) article on why The Shadow is better than Batman.

(though I will always love Batman more)

Lots of other completed projects coming soon!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Anonymous27.4.12

    That's a great selection of Shadow art, from my pal Franco to George Rosen with the Skeleton cover, Bernie Wrightson getting it done in the sequential page and Jim Steranko showing that The Shadow is the shivitz.

    Lamont Cranston is exactly like Bruce Wayne-- a wealthy millionaire with no super powers. Kent Allard is the dude who sometimes pretends to be Cranston and he's absolutely more than human, and he's also The Shadow.

    You know my love of Batman-- it's the stuff of legend, but he is a pale imitation of The Shadow.

    Great article from The Dig too-- just hope your grandpa doesn't read it in church.