April 25, 2012

Sunday in Brookline

Andy and I are teaching a short series of art workshops in Boston this month, and while in town we stopped by Coolidge Corner in Brookline.  

Andy got us tickets to see Morgan Spurlock appear at the Coolidge Theater to introduce his newest film, a documentary about the San Diego COMICON and do a short Q&A after.

The film was pretty good over all, following different people who were all at ComiCon for different reasons.  But I have to say, the film lacked a "Morgan Spurlock-ness", meaning his great narration, animated statistics and personal connection to the source material.

My new favorite Brookline eatery, MJ International Bistro.  This place IS AMAZING.  YOU MUST GO.  Inside the old school arcade.

MJ International Bistro was SO GOOD, we ate there TWICE in 5 hours!

made mini ricotta cheesecakes the next day


  1. This in one of the most enticing photo spreads I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing it Veronica! Nice to see the Coolidge, the site of Louise and I's first official date 18 years ago. After seeing these pictures, it looks like a good time to go back ...

    1. Thanks Brian! Yeah it's a great area of the city! Really love it :)

  2. beautiful photos, beautiful theatre, amazing food.

    i want your lyyyyfe