May 11, 2012

Brimfield Antique Market Part I

Had an amazing time today at Brimfield!  

Andy found a really cool Wolfman Soakie from Wex Rex, and I came really reallllllly close to buying a super cool leather travel bag but decided to pass at the last minute.  I have enough bags, haha.

Saw lots of amazing things, as well as my fill of creepy clown motifs.  (more on that next post)

We left at 9am to get there for 10, and by that time the traffic to get off at the Brimfield exit was SO backed up, it was better to go to the next exit and back track 8 miles.  Seriously, if you live in  New England, do that instead of waiting for 45 minutes to go .5 miles.

I usually go immediately for the mid-century modern furniture, the vintage leather bags and unique jewelry, and possibly for art prints and vintage posters.

This year I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I really want to save for some traveling this fall.  

So sacrificed my love of impulse buying in favor of the practical.


  1. I used to go faithfully to Brimfield (and the vintage clothing thing in Sturbridge on the Monday before it opens) but this time was out of town until yesterday, would LOVE to go today (the last day) but too much work has piled up. It was so much fun (and exhausting) and often coincided with some crazy bad weather. I often saw celebs at the Vintage clothing/Fabrics thing--including Barbra Striesand and John Malkovich (not together. Barbra had an entourage of people paying for her purchases and carrying her little dog)

  2. Such a lot of lovely stuff! Well done on resisting. x