May 14, 2012

Brimfield Antique Market Part II

So so many creepy, creepy clowns...

Lots of wonderful food at Brimfield, my favorites are the apple cider donut-guy, the perogie guy, and the cinnamon-bun lady...

This is the bag I reaaaalllly came close to buying - it was really awesome. I know just by posting this picture I'm going to make myself nuts thinking about it, but I just don't need it, to be honest.

Speaking of fashionable things --

I also saw a Madewell/J. Crew model!

Actually, my favorite one (left), I think she's so lovely. She was buying a small wooden step stool.  She said it was for her closet, to make a mini shelf for her shoes.

Little did she know I was just looking at her face last night while visiting the Madewell website...

I drew what she was wearing from memory, since her fish-tail plait hair and bad-ass leather jacket with Doc Martens was too cool for school

I didn't take a picture of her, I thought that would be rude...


  1. love that pinball machine!

  2. Anonymous25.5.12

    Veronica, dear! I love Brimfield too and took many photos of the Tula Market when I was there last summer ... I love the bag too ... did you dream about it?
    Maybe we can meet at Brimfield in September ... not July ... too hot.
    Love you,
    G. M. MaryEllen