May 4, 2012

Sketching menswear

I've been doodling a lot of girls in men's clothes lately...

Got this lovely silk stripe shirt at Grime thrift store last week

GyuuKaku:  my favorite dip for meat, but lately I haven't been eating much red meat, so it's been a great marinade for steamed veggies...

I've been doing really great this spring keeping my stress-eating down, now it only happens once at month.  But when it happens it still makes me feel pretty sick and disappointed in myself.  But just hafta keep a positive outlook and get back on track the next day!

I hurt my right hamstring really badly, not sure how or when it happened.  But for about 4 months now, it's been slowly getting tighter and tighter, until I can't do basic yoga on one side anymore.

I'm extremely flexible from a life-time of gymnastics and swimming as a teenager, so it's really difficult for me not being able to lift one leg past hip level!

I think it's making me antsy, not being able to run or workout, and since it's been ridiculously cold again, I can't even go for walks outside.  Rgh!  Need the sun!

Oh well, summer will be here soon!  And then I can complain about the heat.


  1. I like your stripe shirt!:)
    And,,, I'm surprised that you have gyukaku dip! :D

    1. Thanks girl! Have you been to Gyukaku before? Is it good?

    2. Yes, I've been there a few times :) It's good! Can you get gyukaku dip at the supermarket?

  2. i love your sketches, sooo very much!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous sketches!

  4. you're such an amazing talent!

  5. Anonymous8.10.12

    These are awesome. You should use your skills and make some cash on fivesquids! I'd order a drawing! x