May 16, 2012

Things from Brimfield

This exact toy was my client's inspiration for a project with me last year!!

Vintage Japanese tin toy by Mark's

Apple cider donuts - absolutely amazing - hot and fresh and sugary

ephemera from Red Door (all the way from Kentucky)

Found some wonderful things at Brimfield this weekend!  We went twice, once on Thursday and again on Sunday.  I think we clocked a total of 11 hours of walking, whoa!  No wonder I'm exhausted and sunburnt.

Two beautiful Norwegian dishes and a Smilin' Anderson's Milk jar!

And this lovely bracelet for $3 that looks exactly like a Madewell one I almost bought.  [true blue Cara bracelet]

I also picked up some Ball mason jars for making jam and jelly this summer, and that bunny tin toy up there for my client.

Hope you guys are all doing well!

Working on new projects, will report Frankenstein pages and new sketches soon!


  1. What a great market! And I'm glad to hear you managed to buy some nice things too. I love that bunny<3

    1. Thanks! Only spent $7 total! Woo!

  2. Holy wow, nice steal on the bracelet! It's always nice when that happens :]

    I love the turquoise chairs!