May 6, 2012

What to Wear Spring 2012

On Mondays I go to a cafe to work - (it's nice to get out of the studio) - and while I try to work out problems in my head I doodle things.

Here is a collection of doodles I did, of what I wore this month:

Tracked down pics of what's in my closet:

Left to right:

J.Crew oxford shirt (thrifted); ASOS cobalt blue perforated loafers; Big Buddha clutch wallet; Zara green tab sleeve shirt; ASOS orange sherbet belt; Comme des Garcons pin; Zara coffee cardigan; Mulberry for Target bag; Madewell denim shorts; Madewell red skimmers; pink woven bracelet (thrifted); ASOS leopard flats; UO cable knit sweater

Everything else is from various thrift stores / consignment shops.  Except the Shibuya 109 "Welcome" tote bag was a gift many years ago, and I've worn it out by now!


  1. Anonymous6.5.12

    Love this post to bits!
    The bright colours (especially in the shoes) look so great!


  2. i love doodles of clothes! SO MUCH!!

  3. すごくかわいい!