June 21, 2012

I'm Batgirl

After many years of bickering, a quarrel has been finally settled.

I'm not Robin in this relationship.

Okay, so Andy insists he's Batman (and I won't argue with that) but there is NO WAY I'm Robin. 
- Just because I'm afraid of our basement, and 
- just because I cried when our car broke down 
(I was convinced there were "killers" in the woods) 
doesn't mean I'm this:

And anyway we'd be more like Sue Storm and Mr. Fantastic since they are married anyway, but Mr. Fantastic kind of has a lame power and he's not nearly as cool.

Speaking of which, she (+ The Thing) are on eBay this week:

And could Robin make a sweet lemon coconut cake??  NO.
(Alexa and I baked on Monday, using Ina Garten's recipe from Barefoot Contessa)

Flowers on the porch really brighten up the space, 
and Pop's yellow roses are in full bloom!


  1. Look on the bright side. At least the relationship comparison isn't Green Arrow and Speedy ;-)

  2. at least youre not alfred...or MJ to spiderman

    i did come to the conclusion the other day that you look A LOT like judy garland...just sayin

    1. Oh really?? I've never gotten that before!

  3. Batgirl - now that's pretty spiffy!