June 3, 2012

On the Drawing Table

On the drawing table right now

Studies and finals in gouache and colored pencil

We taught a comic art workshop to a troop of Girl Scouts!  Did you know they can now get a badge in comics??  How cool is that!

We focused the lesson almost entirely on storytelling, as their personal drawing styles are really secondary, and they'll figure that stuff out as they go.

They were so kind and gave us these amazing Thanks-A-Lot cookies as a parting gift!

No, I didn't eat these in one sitting, but I did eat them over the course of... oh wait, ... I think I did...

Between mentoring students for the weekend at the 25th Art All State event to seeing my aunt visiting from Texas, to teaching in Marblehead, MA for two days - every minute of this week is booked!

Oh, and then Alexa and I are going to see a rebroadcast of Danny Boyle's Frankenstein, and then I have a meeting with a surgeon.  Yeah, more on that later.

giving my little talk at the Artist Presentations for Art All State
Usually I take lots of pictures of our group's progress, but this year there wasn't time for a single one!  I'm going to try and track down pictures of what my students made: a gigantic fire-breathing, scaley beast destroying a small city.


  1. Nice drawings!


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  3. Sasha B.4.6.12

    Hi Veronica! I briefly met you at the Austin Comic Con last year (with my friend Jamie Kinosian) and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. :) You make some very insightful and motivating posts, and really have an eye for photography (love all the food pics!)

    We just saw Frankenstein last weekend, and were blown away by the performance. There weren't any venues for it in Houston last year, so we were ecstatic to have another chance to see it this time around. It's great to hear that you'll be seeing it again too! With that said, I'm looking forward to more of your Frankenstein comic!

    1. You are very kind!

      It's a hugely inspiring production - I hope it comes out on DVD!

  4. Ah man I wish I knew about that badge! totally would have got one!!! :T

    1. Me too! Were you a scout? I would have joined to get one