July 5, 2012

Crab Fest

We can officially call it summer now that this has happened:

Crab Fest!

Crab Fest at The Sole Proprietor this week.
Oh my god, how I love living in New England.

Jonah crab claws with lemon + butter.

A m a z i n g

Did you guys have a good Fourth?

We had a lovely little cookout in the backyard with family and a few friends, it was really nice.  Sorry I didn't take any pictures, I basically ate everything before there was time to appreciate it visually.

Finished putting in a bunch of orders this week.

Pirates of Mars is now a DELUXE EDITION!  Woo!

That means it's the first volume but special features include the character sketches, model sheets and excerpts from "Wunk & Fagnalls Tips for the Aspiring Freebooter" which were previously only found in the limited edition special print.

They will be restocked at Harvard Book Store + Friendly Neighborhood Comics, here in MA - so look for those!  [More on that this week]
Also bought some new art supplies via JetPens.com - looking forward to trying out these babies when they arrive.  (I got the watermelon red cover in case you were wondering)

Haven't done an art supply review in a long time, I think I'll get on that this week.

Been absolutely %100 absorbed in my Japanese studies lately.  Like, it's all I do with any free time!  It feels great to be really into something again.
When I was beginning work on Frankenstein, it was all I thought about day and night, all I wanted to do all the time, all I talked about.  

Now that it's getting down to the final leg (lettering, touch ups, putting together the files for print) it's starting to get to be more work than fun.

But that's life right?

So since Frankenstein is starting to really feel like work, it's nice to have language study to feel like real fun.

cell phone pics of the week

at the farmer's market - I need my grapefruit  

went to Victoria Station to get their amazing blueberry lemon scones! 

found this sweet side table at the Quiet Corner antiques


  1. Anonymous6.7.12

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. The giant crab on the building is awesome! I'm from Nebraska so I wonder if we should have a restaurant with a cow or corncob!

    1. Yes! That would be awesome