July 24, 2012

Leon The Professional for Gallery 1988 Crazy 4 Cult 6 NY

Gouache + acrylic paint on watercolor paper  |  11"x14"  |  $225

Hello friends,

It's been a while since I've posted a painting, so it's nice to get to do that again!

Here is a piece I recently sent off to Gallery 1988 for their latest installment of Crazy 4 Cult (My favorite exhibition!)

This time they are taking their West Coast operation over here to the East and doing a pop-up gallery in NYC's Meatpacking district!  Pretty sweet!

I first made a collage in Photoshop, since getting the actor's likenesses was essential. 

I'm not very good at capturing likeness free-hand, so I usually make it easier for myself by having a solid base to work from.

I work in navy blues so much, I thought I'd try some green hues...

The finished work

for sale via Gallery 1988 NY August 9th - September 1st

Crazy 4 Cult NY 

opening Thurs. August 9th
reception 6-9 PM

64 Gansevoort St.

runs until September 1st


  1. Anonymous25.7.12

    Ack! Fabulous! I'm sure it'll sell like a ... hotcake!

  2. Anonymous27.7.12

    Is it possible to purchase this and have it shipped?

    1. If you aren't able to attend the opening and purchase it there, you can try contacting the folks at Gallery 1988 and see what they say about it. At this point it's already at the gallery, so it's in their hands!

      You can find them at: nineteeneightyeight.com and you'll want to contact Jensen Karp or Katie Cromwell

  3. this is amazing! ah i love it...baby nat!

  4. Anonymous27.7.12

    If you'd ever consider making this design available in shirts, prints, canvas bags, etc... I'd love to buy one!

    1. Yes, I have prints being made now, you can pre-order one here :

      I haven't thought about doing a shirt or bag, maybe in the future!

  5. My favorite movie's 1st place is Leon.. thanks for good images...

  6. I would love a print of this for my art room...be the only other stuff on the than my own...are you making prints...

    1. Thanks Matthew,

      You can pre-order a 13x19 print here if you like!