July 30, 2012

Sketching Random Faces

I was watching another horrible '90s movie the other day - Swing Kids - in an attempt to watch what I thought was going to be a Pre-Nazi Era / Germany-in-the-1920s film so I could do some Frankenstein research.

What I was thinking when I rented this... I'll never know.

Swing Kids is basically one giant Disney-boy music video, complete with the 1990's swing music craze, a young Christian Bale and Sean Robert Leonard.

Think Newsies set in Nazi Germany.

It's not a terrible film for what it is - but it certainly was not what I thought it was.I'm actually surprized at myself - come on, I grew up with these actors, how could I not know?? 

Anyway, it was fun to get a bit of sketching in for Frankenstein, so I could start filling in the background with some interesting faces.

The past two days have been so incredibly cool, I've been wearing a sweater and drinking green tea lattes.  A SWEATER.  IN JULY.

But I actually like that, so it's no biggie.

Gets me excited for fall!

In other news - isn't this color amazing?  It's like a sunset in my fruit.

If you're at a market and you see these guys, I highly recommend picking them up.  Really really good dipping sauces!

Haven't tried the BBQ flavor yet, need to find it in stores!

Gyu-Kaku Tare (dip) 牛角たれ [foodlabel.jp

Oh my gosh, look at how many flavors they have:

Left to Right

1. Shoyu (my fav) 
2. Umami (sweet+salty)  
3. Refreshing Plum 
4. Garlic (strong! not for vampires
5. Kochujan (Korean chili paste) 
6. Chicken Basil 
7. Specialty Miso 
8. Kokuuma (for beef negima)


  1. Your blog is so adorable! And you have got quite a talent for drawing. I love your tablecloth, it's so colorful!

  2. I love your sketches! And your green tea latte looks heavenly! (me want one)

    1. Thanks lady! I'll give you a packet, it's really good!