August 17, 2012

How to be a Happy Freelancer: Part 5

Overcoming Personal Struggles

We all have our own personal coping mechanism.  Some people bite their nails, some people shop too much, some people drink, etc.

Sometimes these habits become too big to handle.  Sometimes they get steadily more powerful until they become a giant beast.

Don't hurt yourself

I blogged before about battling emotional eating; and it's still something I struggle with time to time.

Working from home can trigger stress for sure.  You can't believe how messy the house is all of a sudden and when are you going to find time to clean it; - the dog peed on the rug AGAIN even though you JUST walked her; - the neighbor's kid is screaming but you can't close your window or it will get ungodly hot - etc etc

And the food.
Oh the food.

I pass by it 5, 6, 7 times a day, going to the bathroom, getting the mail, making coffee... 

and when I felt like I was having a bad day, or I get bad news, I had to basically hold myself down trying not to comfort myself with cookies or leftover buffalo wings.

There have been times when I've stood with a jar of peanut butter in my hands, literally shaking head-to-toe because I know I'm about to eat all 9,000 calories of it.

It wasn't always this way, only for 3 years - as long as my sister has been anorexic.

I began eating out of stress and anger as if I could eat for her.

I went on strict exercise regimens to work it off.  I felt like a sham, engaging in the very behavior I despised.  It only reinforces the cycle.

The New England Journal of Medicine informed me that if a family member has a form of addiction, the sibling's chances of attributing one go up 76%.


It's not my sister's fault I developed this bad relationship with food - I did that.  And that also means I can unlearn it as well!  Woohoo!

After lots of support from wonderful people, the giant basilisk has turned into a tiny garden snake.  It takes time, and patience and steady determination, but it's completely possible and gets easier every day.

Even if the problem doesn't entirely go away, 
it can at least become manageable.

So if you are struggling with family problems or personal stress - you can't let your alone time get the best of you.

You are strong, and you have everything you need to handle any situation.

No one gets in the way of you being happy 
- not even you

You can beat anything!

So thanks for reading, guys, and I just want to suffix this by saying that this is simply a compilation of 5-6 years of random epiphanies.

Of course, we are all different people, we have different situations, habits, personalities, and maybe these ideas don't work for everyone. 

But I hope somewhere in here you can glean some good advice if you're so inclined, and maybe it will be useful to you.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Freelancing!


  1. Great series, Veronica. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous21.8.12

    Very useful! I relate to so much in this and you've reminded me of some bad habits I should probably address sooner rather than later (but in a fun way). Thank you!

  3. Just read the series all together and it was really great, thanks for putting it up!

  4. Anonymous20.9.12

    thank you!

  5. Thank you guys so much for reading!