August 27, 2012

Modern Mythology

I was delighted when Modern Mythology contacted me to do some work with them, in regards to a group photo/illustration for the creative team's website.

They wanted an illustration about how their ideas meld together to make something new. "Fantasia" came to mind first, so I sent them sketches that were inspired by the random shapes, colors and patterns assigned to different musical notes.

I try to send a variety of things to my clients, but staying within the client's initial concept.  

This was a really fun project for me, I liked the challenge of making all these pieces fit together.

The group asked if each person could have a theme, and we experimented with a few images until we got to where we wanted it to go.

These colors aren't right for the group's overall feel.  They feel like an organic juice company, or like a kid's daycare.  Too unsaturated and too uninspired.

I experimented with a kind of tribal/kaleidoscope idea, but it didn't feel right either.  Something wasn't right about it, so we went in a different direction.

This felt like the right direction.  The colors are bold and young, the layering is more interesting and the feel is much more crazy and vibrant.

the final product

Pretty chic, if I do say so myself!  And what a handsome bunch they are :)

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  1. Anonymous28.8.12

    Oh, I love looking into your creative mind!

    Awesome work!