August 1, 2012

More sketches + Norwegian Wood

Happy August!  

Just 3 more weeks until our vacation...

watched Norwegian Wood this week

I actually haven't read a single Murakami novel yet, definitely on my list of things to do.  I saw the 1Q84 box set (that divides the novel in to 3 parts) at the Harvard Book Store this week.

Thought the design was so nice:

Been working like crazy every day on Frankenstein Volume 1, trying to get the first issue out for Halloween (and by that I mean have Volume 1 completely done, and have each issue ready for release)

But it's tough working like a hermit in your studio, kind of like Bob Costas covering the Olympics - I'm not sure if that man even gets a pee break.

Haven't even really taken time to sketch for fun until this week.  Kinda rusty.

Sketching with fountain pens for fun


  1. Love the sketches, and I can't wait to see Frankenstein! Get it guuurrl

  2. I absolutely love kiko mizuhara in norwegian wood (she's midori). Full heartedly recommend 1Q84-- amazing read.

    1. I know she was so great! I was wondering how well a model would act, but she was really good!

  3. I lovelovelove the design of all the American murakami novels. I already owned the hardback of 1Q84 but I bought the paperback anyway because it was so beautiful.

    I wouldn't start with that book though, if you haven't read any yet.

    1. Oh really? Thanks for the heads up!

  4. 1Q84...Chip Kidd is the only reason why Im a designer...okay not the only reason


    anyways ive been reading Norwegian wood since I was living in NYC....I REFUSE TO WATCH THE MOVIE UNTIL I FINISH!...but netflix is easier to drown out the sound of LOUD TEENS on the commuter train that my imagination

    sad but true :(

  5. Anonymous11.9.12

    I noticed you said somewhere that you draw your sketches old school, with pen and paper. Sorry if I sound like a total noob artist (because I am just starting out), but I was wondering how you get such clear images or photographs online? That always seems to be where the quality for me goes down the drain. Thank you for reading my comment. Love your work :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words :)

      when I scan the images, I always scan high resolution like 300 dpi or even 600 dpi - then I keep a hi-res copy on my hard drive, and make a 100dpi resolution image for the web, and save that seperately as well :)

      Hope that helps!