August 24, 2012

Tony Scott's Beat The Devil

When I lived in New York City, I used to go the MOMA theater on 23rd St.  

It's closed now, but before that sad day I got to see a series of short films commissioned by BMW.  In the series, Clive Owen is simply 'The Driver' and each film, about 10 minutes each, is by a different director featuring different actors all being driven around for various reasons by Owen.

I saw all of them, and my favorite hands down - was by Tony Scott, called "BEAT THE DEVIL."

It's basically the Robert Johnson story. (Tommy Johnson, perhaps.)  But instead of Johnson, it's James Brown, selling his soul to the Devil in Spandex (Gary Oldman).

You know, I actually don't like Tony Scott's movies, I'm more of a Ridley Scott kind of girl, but his recent death got me thinking.

If I had inoperable brain cancer, would I commit suicide?

I can only hope I'll never be in that position, but of course that can never be known for sure.  

I'd like to think I wouldn't try to bargain with the Devil or anything, 

just live every second with as much passion and fervor as I could.

Eating good food, 
reading good books, 
listening to good music, 
talking with good people.

This stuff is amazing - it's absolutely the best ever - really rich and nutty, if you like flavors like that you have to try this!  You can get it at Ebisuya for $5, or H-Mart in Burlington, MA

My mini roses have bloomed!  Their buds were tightly closed just last week.

Saw some yellow leaves on the ground while walking the dog.  Summer isn't over yet - our vacation starts today!  But already excited for fall.

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  1. Your roses are so beautiful and that ice cream looks AMAZING!