September 13, 2012

Student Survival Guide / Boston Phoenix Illustrations

Hey friends!

A little while back the folks at the Boston Phoenix asked me to create some illustrations for their Student Survival Guide issue.  The concept was really fun; create some ironic, hipster paper-dolls of common Boston college kid stereotypes.

I had to laugh at the notes the art director sent me for the Film Snob, since those were pretty much all of my friends at SVA!

Well, that's not entirely true, most of my friends were super cool Animation majors.  Who were also film snobs because animators love movies...

soo... by default I was/am one too.

and this creepy retro guy for their campus eating guide - 

I think he creeps me out because he has no eye-shine... euuuughh


Welcome back, students!


  1. Oh wow these are way cute. Each one of them are so bursting with personality. Geek girl is probably my favorite. Can't pass up a lady that wears "I ♥ Sagan" panties.

  2. Oooh this is so cute, I really want to mix and match the clothes, hehe.

  3. Your illustrations made me smile. Especially love the Geek

  4. So awesome and adorabe! (Free Pussy Riot! t-shirt - perfect!)