September 30, 2012

Comic Art Sale Preview

Hey friends,

Have some art up on eBay this month, here is a look at what is / will be for sale:

(that's the original Robin but now he's all grown up and stuff)

Moon Knight

Death & Dream (from Sandman)

Superman (homage to Curt Swan)

and more!  You can check my eBay listings HERE

Lots of stuff to do - October is going to be a ca-razy month

  • working on Frankenstein issues 2 + 3
  • planning new workshops for CC Lowell's Art Supply
  • teaching at the museum
  • holding private drawing lessons
and that doesn't include language study, trying not to kill my plants, and random freelance gigs.  Phew.

But I love being busy.  

I don't know how to handle it when I have nothing to do!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Hope you had your moon cakes for good luck!


  1. Well, I'm definitely going to try getting my hands on the Sandman piece!

  2. Night Wing looks pretty hot. *blush* Lol