September 24, 2012

Diana Rigg + What Style Means to Me

Diana Rigg and I suffer from the same terrible affliction: baby girl face.

At 27, I look 16.  And unfortunately I can't help it.  

Women tell me that's a good problem to have, and I appreciate that.

But it's still a bit annoying when someone asks what college you are thinking about.  Or if you are really qualified to be teaching an adult art class.  Uh... just trust me, I guess?

Anyway, I was watching "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" the other day, and realized just how awesome Diana Rigg is.  And how similar our taste in clothes are!

I'm not a small-pattern kind of person, I don't know why.  During a massive re-haul of my closet, I ended up consigning or giving away a good 60% of it, and realized what was left - the 40% that I really, truly loved and wore all the time - were bright, solid colors, and lots of texture.

I noticed watching Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel in the Avengers, that she, also, - pretty much NEVER wears a pattern!  Only striking colors, high contrast and rich textures.

Be still my heart!

I thought I was supposed to emulate the "gamine" look.  But gamine means "impish" in French, and that's not headed in the right direction, haha.  Diana's style feels more mature.

I have what's known as a boy-ish figure, or a rectangle shape.  I have broad shoulders, very little waist definition, and calf muscles from years of sports and gymnastics.

When I tried to dress older, I was apt to just throw on a blazer and glasses, but with little attention to how they fit.

I was obsessed with thrift-stores, and because of that, often settled for a shape that was wrong for me, but liked everything else about it.

Ended up still looking young, now in grandpa's tweed.

I used to really have a disdain for fashion, thinking it was "only for rich people".
How silly!  What if someone said "Art is only for rich people" ???

But now my love for it has really blossomed, and I definitely understand better how to shop for my body type and tastes specifically, instead of what I think I should look like, or emulating someone else.

It's really liberating owning much less clothes, and relieving yourself of the pressure "to must have something right now!"

There are, in reality, very few clothes that are just right for me.  And I like not feeling like I have to own something, but appreciate it from a far.

It feels similar to when I stopped feeling
like I had to emulate certain artists.

My own perception of how I should paint, 
stunted my personal growth as an artist.

Some people are lucky and find out their identities early, some never know.

I think we evolve and change all the time, constantly shuffling off skins like a snake, until we get down to who we really are, what we want, and why.

I found my journal from my wedding/honeymoon this week.  It was heart-warming and heart-breaking to read.  I was so different only 2 years ago!  And yet, my worries were still the same.

Why did I worry about stupid stuff then?  Why do I now?

Should it bother me that people think I'm young?  Nah, it really shouldn't.

I know who I am, what I'm capable of, and they can think what they want.

Right, Diana?


  1. Two years ago someone thought I was fourteen.FOURTEEN. People tell me I look younger that I am, although I don't see it.

    "I think we evolve and change all the time, constantly shuffling off skins like a snake, until we get down to who we really are, what we want, and why." This is so extremely true. I struggle with my style and sometimes I have to accept that I will never wear some things (really baggy shirts for example) since they will look awful on me. This is a brilliant post. Definitely bookmarking this post for future reference.

    I am also checking out On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

    1. Oh no, 14 is just too much!

      I hear you, baggy shirts can't be for me either, but we can admire them on other people, :)
      But self-discovery is turning out to be fun instead of a painful journey, right?

      I think you'll like that movie - finally, a Bond girl that's not a one-night stand or loose floozie

  2. I've been on a Goodwill kick since the beginning of summer and it's literally gotten to the point where I go crazy if I can't go at least once a week because I feel like I'm missing out on finding awesome statement pieces for my closet. But recently I realized that I have too many weird one-of-a-kind articles of clothing with lots of funky patterns that may not always look amazing on me vs. not enough pieces that are cohesive with all of my wardrobe.
    So I guess you can say that this post was super helpful. I'm realizing now that I need to start buying some solid color things that work well with my figure that I can layer with the wardrobe I have now, and maybe I'll donate some of my stuff BACK to Goodwill. Thanks for this!

    1. Haha sometimes I've almost REBOUGHT stuff I donated and found on the racks! Yeesh

      Yeah that's not to say you can't find amazing stuff at thrift stores - and it's super, super fun to go and look at all the stuff, but you definite don't have to feel pressure to buy or own something.

      It's taken me a long time to finally let that anxiety go - it's hard but worth it!

  3. I just gave away three garbage bags of stuff and sold two tote bags of stuff this weekend, feels good to purge and reconsider your closet! Also lol on buying stuff that doesnt fit but you got at goodwill. I'm learning these lessons as well.

    1. Wow! Way to go! Yeah, even $20 back on consignment or something feels awesome, doesn't it?

  4. LOVE your style gRRL! and I love this post! Gawd when I was in college - no lie- some people thought I was an 11-yr old child on a special accelerated program. I also could not get into an r-rated movie once - when I was 19 - because I didn't have ID on me. People said to me, "Oh you'll appreciate it when you're older," but being constantly under-estimated in the meantime was no picnic.

    1. AHHHH I know that feeling lol and when people say you shouldn't feel bothered by it, it just makes me even MORE bothered! I'm entitled to feel bothered, right??

  5. Is that you at the end or is that Diana? You're gorgeous! Just a touch of make up will help with the baby face... It is better than looking OLDER than you are, isn't it? I used to get ID'd a lot but now I'm all self conscious about NOT getting ID'd :( I must look my age, THE HORROR.

    Love the drawings too... such colorful eye candy in a blog post ^ u ^

    hurrah for things that fit!

    1. oh ho ho I wish, no that's Diana :)

      But you're right, just a bit of makeup goes a long way - I've found just having red lipstick is enough! Woohoo!

  6. Mrs. Peel is so chic, I remember watching reruns of the Avengers on TV when I was little and just loving everything about her! I wish I could look as put together as she does, but I love patterns, even if they don't love me as much, hehe.

    1. I know right! She's such a classy lady. Love her voice.